Won’t hear this on MainStream Fake News Outlets

So many Good Things have occurred so far under President Trump, but you Won’t hear this on MainStream Fake News Outlets.   

Fake News outlets are the epitome of Fascist regimes, they represent only one side, and you won’t hear this on mainstream ‘Fake News’ outlets if it is about somethin President Trump does that is good.  If they do report it don’t expect it to be on page 1 or much of a mention, but buried in the back and a moments mention on TV. 

Trump Is in ‘Excellent Health,’ Doctor Says After Exam

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump is in excellent health, his doctor said on Friday after his first comprehensive physical exam since he was elected.

“The president’s physical exam today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center went exceptionally well,” Dr. Ronny L. Jackson, a rear admiral in the Navy and the White House physician, said in a statement. “The president is in excellent health.”

The brief statement did not include any basic information about Mr. Trump’s health, including his weight, blood pressure or cholesterol levels. The president’s doctors did not indicate what tests they performed during the exam or whether Mr. Trump, 71, was taking medications.

But the White House has promised that information about those topics will be disclosed on Tuesday, when Dr. Jackson joins Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, during a briefing for the news media.

Officials had said it would take a few days for test results to be completed. Mr. Trump is spending the three-day holiday weekend in Palm Beach, Fla., at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Food Stamp Usage Falls by 2 Million During Trump’s First Year in Office

By Matt | Contributor | January 11, 2018
There’s no denying that Barack Obama was the “food stamps president” because the numbers prove it. In 2009, 33,490,000 people received food stamp benefits, but by October 2016, 44,219,123 people received the same assistance, an increase of about 10,729,000. That’s an increase far out of proportion from what we’d normally expect with natural population increase, and it’s a problem that persisted, even as the economy recovered from the financial crisis of 2008. Thanks to a loosening on restrictions for the program, the cost of food stamps for taxpayers rose from $50.3 billion to $66.6 billion.
=>Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency

During President Donald Trump’s first year of office, a fifth of that increase has already been erased. According to Fox News, “data released by the Department of Agriculture show that the number of participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as food stamps, dropped to 42,182,443 for fiscal 2017 – a decline of 2,036,920 from the fiscal 2016 total of 44,219,363.”

Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever

Black Activist Says Trump Policies Have Helped Black Community

Horace Cooper, co-Chairman of Project 21, has said it is President Trump’s policies that are boosting employment numbers in the black community, not former President Obama’s.

In an interview with Genevieve Wood of the Daily Signal, Cooper said he’s surprised Obama would try to take credit for what Trump has accomplished.  

Black Colleges Swept Up in For-Profit Crackdown Find Relief From DeVos

  WASHINGTON — When Education Secretary Betsy DeVos began rolling back regulations to curb the predatory practices of for-profit colleges, critics seethed that the Trump administration was throwing yet another lifeline to a rapacious industry — in this case, one that sees vulnerable undergraduates as nothing more than moneymaking targets.

Henry N. Tisdale, the president of the small campus of Claflin University in Orangeburg, S.C., disagrees.

Since the Obama administration announced that it would establish a smoother pathway for students to claim that they had been misled by their colleges, Mr. Tisdale said he has feared an expensive legal battle over the smallest leaflet advertising a service on campus.

“A small mistake or error at a college like Claflin could put us out of business,” Mr. Tisdale said. “We don’t have the resources ready to respond to frivolous claims.

Mr. Tisdale and his counterparts at other small, historically black colleges and universities are among an unlikely cohort of supporters for Ms. DeVos’s effort to tighten a wide-ranging regulation that offers federal debt relief to students who were defrauded or deceived by their higher-education institutions.

CREEPS ON A MISSION: Michael Horowitz is Really Investigating the Investigators

Since at least July 2016, the upper echelon of the FBI and the Department of Justice began a stealth operation—with the complicity if not instigation of President Obama—to taint and destroy Candidate Trump with a concocted “Russia collusion” narrative.

Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, has been running a little-watched parallel investigation that is already producing results—when he is not manipulated or overborn by Robert Mueller.

His name is not familiar to most Americans, but Mr. Horowitz has played an important role since President Obama named him Inspector General (IG) for the Department of Justice in 2012.

Congress mandated the position of IG for every major federal agency.  The 72 IGs work on behalf of the taxpayers as independent watchdogs over their respective agencies.

If you think the IG position is not important, remember this:  Remarkably, President Obama did not appoint a permanent one for the State Department during Mrs. Clinton’s entire tenure.  When John Kerry took over as Secretary of State, the newly appointed IG found and disclosedthat Mrs. Clinton used an illegal secret server, and they immediately identified classified material in the first random sample of only 40 documents.

Mr. Horowitz already deserves kudos for trying to do his job at the Justice Department and obtain information from the administration that appointed him.  Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch stymied his efforts at every turn.  Their defiance of his Congressionally-mandated duties was so egregious he and 46 other IGs wrote a letter to Congress complaining of the Obama administration’s obstruction.




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