Trump Challenges

White small TV with antenna and laptop. White background.

Videos that are in reference to President Trump Challenges.

There is so much being thrown at this man I decided to make this it’s own subject.

Issues that face this president by those citizens who are socialist in nature, want to decrease the USA standard of living to be ‘more equal’ to other nations and raise other nation’s standard of living with our assets.  This the ongoing effort by the Liberals, Democrat Party who’s goals are to destroy our Freedoms as stated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Trump Challenges from legal and political challenges that are trying to undermine his authority and his duties as prescribed in the Constitution to protect the citizens, the country he is sworn to protect.

It is about control, control of the citizens, control of the land, housing, healthcare and our economy all by an elite class not unlike the Kings and their Kingdoms of past history.



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