Trump Tweets – Intro

President Trump Tweets – keeps the Real News current by his tweets.


If you want to know the current status of President Trump just check his twitter, President Trump Tweets if he is not in the process of Official Business, which sometimes he comments on if time permits.

There are actually two accounts and many times he just ‘shares’ one with the other, but you may catch something different.

Because there are two accounts I am including two pages.  One for @POTUS official Presidential Tweets and a second for his personal account @realDonaldTrump.

There will be separate pages for other tweeters who aren’t quite so active, but none the less are just as important to read when they do tweet.  (I am still deciding if I will lump some together or not!)  The Trump pages are the start.

The side bar on the site has a current tweet as well, but this will be more comprehensive in the number available and you can always click a link back to his page if you need to go there.

This site should provide you with up to date political news via RSS feeds from Reuters, BBC, Newsmax and the Trump Tweets.



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