Puigdemont wants an “EU reaction”

EU’s Catalonia NIGHTMARE: Puigdemont demands ‘EU reaction’ as he brings crisis to Brussels CARLES Puigdemont revealed he is not in Brussels for asylum, he wants an “EU reaction” to the Catalan crisis. By CHLOE KERR PUBLISHED: 11:40, Tue, Oct 31, 2017 | UPDATED: 12:40, Tue, Oct 31, 2017 Speaking in Catalan and French Mr Puigdemont He revealed he had travelled …
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The Politically Correct Insisted This Wouldn’t Happen

Intel Confirms ISIS Hid Among Refugee Hordes Flooding Europe Politically correct platitudes provided cover for ISIS agents to infiltrate Europe inside the refugee bands that swarmed borders. In Germany last week, the vice president of Bavaria’s intelligence-gathering agency, Manfred Hauser, announced ISIS “hit squads” had entered Europe with the flood of migrants that came across …
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Recent ISIS Events

 ISIS attacks take many forms from knife welding to bombs of many types and using vehicles as a source of destruction on the public. Some events, attacks ISIS has taken credit for and a rule change to police actions as a result.  The attacks are everywhere there are refugees, Muslims and non-Muslims are both victims …
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