Holiday Shopping Break – News Headlines

       Some of Today’s News Headlines of Interest Sit back and take a Holiday Shopping Break from the holiday rush..   The chickens are coming home to roost while the hen house is revealing the truth. “Pass the buttered popcorn please!” — Diamond and Silk® (@DiamondandSilk) December 23, 2017 . Wow, “FBI lawyer …
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LookBack: Radical Islam And Far-Left U.S. Radicals

Radicals – Radical Islam and Far-Left U.S. Radicals are all in one bucket.   FBI Bombshell: Far-Left U.S. Radicals Colluding With ISIS BY CLARION PROJECT Monday, October 30, 2017   A new book by a former editor in chief of The New York Times Magazine and best-selling author reveals for the first time an FBI field report about the collusion between …
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Morning News

Morning News for your review. Stories of the day you may not have read.     Innovation and success must remain our economic foundation If there is one word that could sum up the current political climate, it is frustration. And that frustration takes many forms. There are, understandably, many Americans who feel frustrated about being …
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