Yellowstone and ‘Supervolcano’ Fears

000000020000000000000000000000000000000 Yellowstone sits atop a supervolcano that created a massive crater “Unusual Eruptions” At World’s Largest Active Geyser In Yellowstone Stoke “Supervolcano” Fears One month after we reported that fears of an eruption at the Yellowstone supervolcano continue to grow following the first eruption of the world’s largest active geyser for the first time since 2014, overnight Reuters …
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Fake Indoctrination is Happening in the U.S – One Example is “ Climate Change ”

000000020000000000000000000000000000000 Our weather is driven by a the oceans and the effects of solar flares upon the earth, this is a primary reason for climate change through the earth’s history. Science has shown that the ocean’s have an increase of volcanic activity which directly affects the temperature and consequently climate change.  There is a rise in …
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