Sunday Tweets

  Some Sunday Tweets  Current issues in Sunday Tweets   =>U.S. Constitution For Dummies Unlike Obama, @POTUS isn’t going to be pushed around by Russia or anybody else. As he said yesterday: It’s time we stop the wild and false allegations that further the agendas of bad actors like Russia & unite as Americans to protect …
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Tweets Re: Mueller Pro-Hillary Indictments and Anti-Gun Rants

Mueller can only find Pro-Hillary collusion, advertisements by Russians?  Why is he still getting paid?   Any Russia troll farm interference in the election pales in comparison to Clinton-DNC-Obama administration’s using Russia disinformation as a pretext to target and spy on @RealDonaldTrump. Shut Mueller down. — Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) February 16, 2018 Nine months and …
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Tweets From The Right

Tweets with the political ‘Right’ point of view  Political Right leaning Tweets from Right leaning tweeters  Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit w/ DOJ & NSA for info on the Obama White House’s role in the unprecedented targeting & unmasking of Trump associates and in the leaking of intel info. The Trump Admin should expose …
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