Tweets While you Slept

Tweets don’t stop because you sleep. In this global posting site people post tweets and have tweets scheduled for release at set times.  Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever California’s Brown Raises Prospect of Pension Cuts in Downturn (what downturn? DJIS booming) beginning …
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Tweets of Interest

   Twitter is ever overflowing with Tweets of Interest.     Aliens? Santa with elves? A mystery worthy of the X-Files faces US residents (VIDEOS, POLL) https://t.co/g0TxR2o0gC pic.twitter.com/pc0XGhDzAl — RT (@RT_com) December 10, 2017 WATCH: High tech, high finance and high times for U.S. marijuana industry https://t.co/fWSzSiTzPF via @Reuters TV pic.twitter.com/07b3tqR0ZM — Reuters Top News …
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