Trump News

    News today, Trump News is news about the Country, not just Trump.      Liberals, Illegal Aliens, FBI, CIA all topic in Trump News today. Liberals Care More About Illegal Aliens Than Our Military, and They OWNED This Shutdown – Make no mistake: the left owned this shutdown hook, line and sinker. And if they …
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News in Tweets – Video

Recent Tweets – Video relating to our current political climates. Much reporting is predicated on notion that DACA deal is required to fund government. It is not.  Fox in Globalist Henhouse? Davos Awaits Trump Arrival… https://t.co/XLHmIZNeTD — DRUDGE REPORT (@DRUDGE_REPORT) January 22, 2018             . Today’s political cartoon: Jeff …
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Recent News

   Recent News you may have missed. The Blame Game on the Shutdown, the Blame on Trump for anything the Dems can think of and the Recent News about other things of interest.  Recent News international in tweets.                                     …
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