Trump News

All about Trump, Trump News is only President Trump News.  Rural help, internet expansion and all about farmers is most of Trump News.   The Left is trying new ways to impeach Trump, so you know is being successful in his agenda, ANTI-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Pro-America.   Trump eyes regulation cuts, expansion of high-speed internet to help rural communities, …
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In case you missed it – TWEETS

  Tweets are so fast and furious that it is easy to miss those of interest. Here are some Tweets from the last 24 hours you may have missed.   =>Documents of Freedom Bundle. FULL SIZE Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Sorry liberals, I’m a proud man’s man. You can …
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Couple Comparisons: President Trump vs. Obama

  As we prepare to welcome in 2018 and President Trump’s 2nd year as President, people are comparing President Trump vs. Obama.    This is really not a fair comparison in part because Obama had the blessing of the press and Congress tried to compromise.  President Trump has no compromises from the Democrats, his own …
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