Possibly Overlooked News

News that might have got lost in the holiday news, Overlooked News by media.  President Trump and Congress plan a defense against EMP attacks  Defenses being prepared for man-made e-bombs and solar storms. There has been a fascinating policy development that has flown under the radar, as the current news cycle has been flooded with …
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Sunday Review of Old News Friday

Sunday Review of Old News is look back on old news for a current topic in the news. While we have many new cases of Sexual Harassment Allegations hitting almost daily, Sunday Review of old news  attempts to highlight past news, regardless of it’s headline rank relating to something current.     =>The Deplorables’ Guide to Fake …
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Temper Tantrum – Schumer Democrats

 Is Chuck Schumer the poster child for Chucky Movies?  More like Chuck E. Cheese restaurants if you ask me. Anyone remember Pelosi: “you have to pass it to see what’s in it”?  Chuck Schumer Announcement Blew Up In His Face Chuck Schumer thought he had a full proof plan to stop Donald Trump. The Democrats …
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