President Trump

President Trump has had a very Good Year

Despite all the challenges President Trump has had a very good year of accomplishments.  Not a politician, President Trump has managed to get more done some politicians even try to do.  If the Tax Bill is signed this year it will be an even greater year.. it will be a ‘Ugh Success!   >Let Trump Be …
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President Trump News

    Each day we have some sort of President Trump News. News that is centered around something President Trump did or said or done to him or his administration.   President Trump News will center around the man himself as President and those that directly impact him. . TRUMP TO REMOVE ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ AS A …
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President Trump Policy and Issues

These articles reflect some of President Trump Policy and Issues he has acted on so far. President Trump policy and issues span the extent of our nation in government and our economy.   President Trump is a very busy president fighting for our nation in many ways.      Treasury Says Trump Agenda Would Pay for …
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