So many! Obama Administration Scandals

000000020000000000000000000000000000000Obama stated he had a scandal free administration, but what he really meant was the Obama Administration Scandals were not known publicly, until now.  Seems every week there are multiple Obama Administration Scandals coming to light.  Seems they were swept under the rug, but the dust was not cleaned as well as they thought.   A …
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What Crime did President Trump commit?

000000020000000000000000000000000000000It’s About Time! What is the Crime President Trump is being accused of?   President Trump is ‘under investigation’ but there is no crime!   Show proof there is a crime.  Winning the Election seems to be the only thing the Left is screaming about.  President Trump Ruined the Left’s  changing the US into a Totalitarian Socialist nation.  …
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The Internet Sales Tax, Obama STARTED Separating Families, NOT Trump

000000020000000000000000000000000000000Internet Sales Tax and the Fact that Obama STARTED Separating Families, Not Trump Democrats are using an Obama Policy, Obama started separating Families, to attack President Trump, and the Supreme Court says yes, states can collect sales tax on internet sales.  I thought that already was in place, but only if that retailer originated or …
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