North Korea

Communist Christmas – Pay Attention

  What the Democrats want here is Communism if not Fascism, Communist Christmas.  Christmas and any religious holiday that detract from the authority of the socialist leader are under attack.  Socialist nations want the government to be your religion, your ‘savior’ your everything.  A Communist Christmas is as devoid of the aspects of religion as …
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Real life photos of North Korea

Real life photos of North Korea show how it’s really like living there Content by Korean Children’s Union When North Korean children turn 7, they become indoctrinated into the North Korean Children’s Union. In a huge ceremony, the children are given red scarves, which are tied around their shoulders by retired military personnel and then …
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North Korea Selling Bombs for Cash

North Korea Export Bombs for Cash, weaponry to rogue governments, terror groups.  Bombs for cash, North Korea needs money, has bombs.  The cash game with North Korea is similar to Clinton Cash schemes.  Anti-America.   THE OTHER NORTH KOREA WEAPON THREAT Exporting WMD to rogue governments, terror groups   The world has been increasingly concerned in recent …
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