News Today – China – Trump – Iran

  And so the week begins with News Today: China – Trump – Iran Articles include news on China – Trump – Iran    Capitol Hill happenings: Congress returns The Senate returns to Washington, D.C., on Monday afternoon after a two-week recess.The House isn’t back until Tuesday. Upon its return, the Senate will be consumed with confirmation battles for three …
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Friday News Videos

Today’s News Videos are a composite of opinion & journalist news. Catch up on what you may have missed or just not read via News Videos.  International involvements and attacks on President Trump – all via News Videos !   On Watch: U.N. and Soros Corruption in Guatemala–Follow the Money In this episode of “On Watch,” …
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Recent News You May Have Missed

   Recent News of Ongoing events Mueller, McCabe, and HUD are mentioned in this mornings Recent News.      Democrats are Going to Wish They Hadn’t Defended Andrew McCabe  …. This week, CNN was forced to print a story they were undoubtedly hoping to avoid. In it, they admit that multiple government sources have told …
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