Sunday Tweets Worth your time

   A Few Sunday Tweets you may not have read.   I am sure she doesn’t even realize how out of touch this is! DO WUT? Dianne Feinstein’s latest attack on the GOP tax bill is VERY unusual https://t.co/HmWo47Fqlz — Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) December 17, 2017 Time for Rosenstein  to fire Mueller.  https://t.co/EcUtYlWM8a — Mark …
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Wow! DNC “I know Nothing!” on Paying for Trump-Russia Dossier

.DNC Response to Involvement in Trump-Russia Dossier  After a year of all Liberals yelling Russia!! Russia!! and Trump-Russia Dossier.. the Truth surfaces, in an investigation DNC championed!  Talk about dumb arrogance! DNC is the leader in arrogance and apparently so self-serving that they didn’t think about the truth actually being revealed. . DNC PANICS – …
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