Monday Morning Tweets

A few Monday morning tweets you may not have seen. Twitter-sphere is always busy and morning tweets are always busy.  We have the roundup from the weekend happenings and sometimes just something to keep up a presence in morning tweets.   Why are congressional Democrats trying to protect the phony Trump dossier authors … https://t.co/9UiP4f8fMs pic.twitter.com/94we7LrCwO …
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Late Day and Evening Tweets

Twitter from early and later in the evening tweets.    ★★★ Patriots Who Dare… Join our fight to save America! ➠ Click Here pic.twitter.com/1XkWYtZ0mF — Fact Fact (@ffact5588) October 14, 2017 FINALLY! Nineteen GOP Congressmen Call For Hearings on Mueller to “Bring His Team Out of the Shadows” https://t.co/bMzBkL9NdT — TRUMP’S SWAMP HAMMER (@MOVEFORWARDHUGE) October …
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