Treason by DNC – Obamagate

The Memo release shows no national security risk, but it does show Treason by DNC. The memo confirms the Trump was spied on prior to the election, a Federal Offense equal to Treason by DNC.  The DNC tried to use now President Trump’s statements that he was sped on as an indication he was unfit.  …
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Interesting Tweets

Some Interesting Tweets you may not have read.   Why was Judge recused from Mueller/Flynn case? – https://t.co/dXVML2v6Yl – @washtimes — Larry O’Connor (@LarryOConnor) January 31, 2018 Hunan, Fenghuang, #China pic.twitter.com/EOhRsusvJI — ancient-origins (@ancientorigins) January 31, 2018 MUST SEE: Liberal Students TRASH Trump’s State of the Union… One Week Before It Happens https://t.co/Zsdxd7dif7 — Sean …
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