Today’s AM Twitter Tweets

  Twitter tweets this morning December 6, 2017 My website on the left, has a box with current ‘Trump Tweets’.   Chuck Grassley Demands FBI Produce All Strzok Text Messages As Part Of Trump Anti-Bias Probe https://t.co/zfVPy9oreN This is BEGINNING of END for MUELLER witch hunt, corrupt Obama-Hillary DOJ & FBI being exposed FINALLY — …
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Sexual Misconduct Top Stories

The news headlines are full of Sexual Misconduct of Politicians.   This has probably been a long time coming.  I only wonder why now?  The Left is not having a case of nostalgia about before the ‘sexual revolution’, no, I don’t think so.  I can’t help asking what they are hiding by bringing this up as …
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Interesting Tweets and more Clinton-DNC Drama

Tweets of interest include more Clinton-DNC drama.      Hillary should have named her book “I know Nothing!” which is what she claims in Tweets.  As someone who has been the Administrative branch of Federal Government system as long as she has does indeed know.  Be thank full she lost the election!  The Democratic party …
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