Socialist Countries – Sanders- Dems want the USA to Become

Bernie Sanders and other Dems/Progressives want to USA to become a Socialist Tyranny. 

Many European countries are a form of Socialism, Communism and have no say in policy.  New with the leaders being Socialist Globalist the people are finally fighting back. It is not easy in these nations, they can simply be arrested or killed under government mandated this or that.  This is what Obama began in the United States and Hillary would have continued.  Countries are losing their individual identity, culture is being suppressed so the young do not know it.  

This is happening in the United States, Take notice of the long term effects.  OUTLINE FOR AMERICA’S DEFEAT – COMMUNIST GOALS

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Venezuelans rush to the border as Colombia tightens controls

 Thousands of Venezuelans are trying to enter Colombia through the border crossing of Cucuta on the Simon Bolivar international bridge  Thousands of Venezuelans cross into Colombia daily, escaping an economic crisis at home

Thousands of Venezuelans have rushed to border crossings with Colombia after Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced a tightening of controls.

Only those who have registered for a special border card or can produce a passport will be able to cross.

They fear it will become more difficult for them to enter Colombia once the measures are fully implemented.

Thousands of Venezuelans cross into Colombia daily to look for temporary work or to buy essential goods.

Most of them return home, but the Colombian government expects many more to stay permanently as Venezuela's economic crisis worsens.

Venezuela has suffered for years from high inflation and the chronic shortage of food and medicines.

Brazil has also expressed concerns, with thousands of Venezuelans are living in precarious accommodation in the border state of Roraima.

Venezuelans will go to the polls on 22 April to vote for president.

Nicolás Maduro, who has been in office since 2013, is running for a second six-year term.

He says the crisis has been caused by economic sabotage sponsored by the US.

Kashmir jihad leader: “Pakistan knows a ‘mujahid’ can’t be a ‘terrorist,'” says most Pakistanis support his jihad

We are still often told that Islamic jihadis represent a mere tiny minority of extremists, and that most Muslims reject and even abhor jihad terrorism. But Syed Salahuddin says that a majority of Pakistanis support his jihad against India, and why wouldn’t they? They read the same Qur’an and follow the same Muhammad that Salahuddin does. Also, there are persistent rumors that his group has links to the Pakistani government’s Interservices Intelligence (ISI).

“‘We’re still training Kashmiris for jihad,’ Hizbul leader claims,” by F.M. Shakil, Asia Times, February 10, 2018: 

   .=>Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad

Possible next PM of Italy wants to close mosques and says Islam is incompatible with Italian values

Leader of Italy’s eurosceptic party Lega, Matteo Salvini, heavily criticised Islam in an interview.

Salvini said that Islam sees women as inferior and is a law instead of a religion. As a law it is incompatible with Italian values, he said. Asked about mosques, Salvini said he could shut down illegal mosques.

Salvini could become Italy’s next Prime Minister as he takes part in a popular centre-right bloc in Italy’s elections. In several regions he already leads the polls and his support is growing.

Migrant ghettos will become 'a nuclear bomb in the future' a top EU official warns

  • EU official Corina Cretu says migrant ghettos could be a 'nuclear bomb' of unrest
  • She has now urged the union to use £310 billion war chest to tackle the problem 
  • European Union interior ministers are struggling with changing asylum policies

Corina Cretu (pictured) said: 'If we allow ghettos or segregation of migrants, this will become a nuclear bomb in the future'  The EU asylum system was on the brink of collapse in 2015 as a million refugees and migrants arrived by boat, overwhelming Greece and Italy.

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic refused to take some of the new arrivals.

The dispute ended up in the courts and has weakened the bloc's unity, spilling over to other policy areas.

European Union interior ministers are now struggling with the politically charged issue of reforming the union's asylum system.

Former communist states continue to defy pressure from other European capitals to accept refugees travelling across the Mediterranean which would ease the burden on nations such as Greece and wealthy destination countries like Germany.

Ms Cretu, who oversees the cohesion policy, highlighted recent investments on the frontlines of Europe's migrant crisis - from the purchase of two rescue boats for Italian authorities to a support network for mayors of cities wrestling with migration.  

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Tommy Robinson: Germany Fights Back!

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