Single Payer Healthcare – with Tax Hikes – also know as Socialism


Single payer healthcare is Socialism.  No other way to say it.

The single payer is the government, they choose what doctors you see and what tests are permitted. The doctors do not treat you as much as they follow what they are told to do in each instance. 

If you are complaining because you couldn't keep your doctor under Obamacare, which he knew you couldn't, then get set for NO Choice at all.  Need surgery, well, look to the VA system and  how long they wait at times.. the mirror is there.  It is a big HMO that the Government, not doctors control by the purse strings, and very stingy at that.  

 Why is it that Congress is not covered by Obamacare?  Why is it that Congress EXEMPTS themselves from their own mandates for Americans?

 Obama care was meant to fail so you would accept Single Payer Healthcare out of desperation.  

This is part of the desired Socialist Government that the Democrats want for all America.  The same types of government that all those illegals are fleeing from.  But they are too uneducated and all they see is our current capitalist system and 'freebies'.  Those will dry up when everyone in the country is just like them.

Socialism is what you are giving your children and grandchildren with Democrats/Communists in charge and Single payer Healthcare.  That is only one step, but a large one for Socialist America.  NATIONAL HEALTHCARE = SINGLE PAYER = SOCIALISM

Key Obamacare Architect: Times Have Changed. America is Now Ready for Single-Payer.

Key Obamacare Architect: Times Have Changed. America is Now Ready for Single-Payer.   At the end of this month, the GOP's "reconciliation" budget authority to repeal and replace Obamacare with a simple majority in the Senate will expire.  Unless they pass an eleventh-hour bill -- and this piece of legislation from Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy has the interest of John McCain and the support of the White House -- the best conservatives can hope for is some tinkering at the margins of the failing law.  Obamacare will continue to lurch along in relative dysfunction even if "fixes" are applied to it, and as predicted by conservatives all along, public dissatisfaction with their terrible law will afford Democrats an opportunity to swoop in with a yet another "solution:" Total government control.  It's no surprise that the dominant Sanders-Warren wing of the party -- and the presidential aspirants who want their votes -- is embracing single-payer healthcare.  This trend speaks for itself and highlights the rapidity with which Democrats have sprinted to the left:

In 2008, no leading Democratic presidential candidate backed single-payer. In 2020, all of them might. 

In 2008, no leading Democratic presidential candidate backed single-payer. In 2020, all of them might.



DNC Chairman in 2016: Yep, Single-Payer Healthcare Would Require Tax Hikes on Everyone

DNC Chairman in 2016: Yep, Single-Payer Healthcare Would Require Tax Hikes on Everyone  It's becoming increasingly clear that single-payer skeptics within the Democratic Party need not apply for the 2020 presidential nomination; the left-wing base won't tolerate any shortcomings on that new ideological litmus test.  Bernie Sanders is expected to roll out his "Medicare for All" bill tomorrow (reminders: Medicare is going insolvent, and the new legislation could also be framed as "VA for all"), and every blue state Senator with presidential aspirations is dutifully lining up to sing along with the hallelujah chorus.  Once California's Kamala Harris jumped on board -- despite her single-party state's inability to pass government-run healthcare, due to crippling costs and zero ability to pay for it -- it became inevitable that others would follow suit.  I was telling a friend the other day how surprised I was that figures like Corey Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand hadn't stepped up with "me too!" press conferences yet.

Lo and behold:

The party's stampede to the left is continues apace.  Democrats, despite their ostentatious genuflections at science, haven't been big on math in recent years, and that nation-bankrupting deficiency is getting more acute.  The mathematical reality of single-payer healthcare is that it's astonishingly expensive, as lawmakers in left-wing states like Vermont and California have discovered.  Colorado, a presidential battleground that has gone blue in every cycle since 2004, held a statewide referendum last year on implementing the system statewide.  After being educated on the implications of the measure, 79 percent of voters rejected it.  A liberal think tank has estimated that a national single-payer regime would cost $32 trillion over the first decade -- or more than $3 trillion in new federal spending per year.  The federal government spent $3.9 trillion total last year, racking up a $587 billion annual deficit in the process.  So how would Uncle Sam even begin to pay for Bernie's extravagantly costly system?  Massive tax increases -- not just on "the rich," but on all taxpayers.  Don't believe me?  Just ask current (part-time?) DNC Chairman Tom Perez, who let the truth slip just last year:

Tom Perez to HRC volunteers in Pahrump: “When I hear about ‘establishment candidates’ - she was a legal aid lawyer!”

Tom Perez says Vermont abandoned singlepayer plan b/c realized“would have required raising taxes on people like you” 




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