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What is occurring in Catalonia is the redefinition of the relationship between people and state. The most disciplined Gandhian project since Gandhi. Its results will spread everywhere. — Julian Assange 🔹 (@JulianAssange) October 14, 2017 “We teach each new American generation to always show our flag the respect it deserves.” — Breitbart News …
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All Things Climate Might be GeoEngineering

Chemtrails are a sign of GeoEngineering of weather. Were there chemtrails, indicating geoengineering, around the past two hurricanes Harvey and Irma?  Some mention had been made by onlookers.  The people doing most of the watching were also involved in the effects so until cleanup is finished this is on a shelf for later after things …
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Was Hurricane Harvey Engineered by Cloud Seeding?

  Cloud Seeding Was Used Before Hurricane Harvey, Did It Amplify Its Impact? By Aaron Kesel Documents leaked to me earlier today seem to suggest that there were cloud seeding operations going on in West Texas on August 24th one day before Hurricane Harvey hit nearly destroying some areas of Texas, flooding whole neighborhoods. Thanks to …
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