Timing is Everything

It is said that Timing is everything in life. As MSNBC reported on Trump’s wall it proved to be perfect Timing that 3 Illegals showed them why the wall was necessary.  Not something the Left would choreograph with such Timing.  .. 3 Illegals Jump Over Border Fence Just as MSNBC Is Reporting on Trump’s Wall …
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DACA Amnesty would trigger Chain Migration under our current immigration rules. President Trump does not want a solution to DACA Amnesty that would permit chain migration, however, it is apparently not possible under our current laws.  Immigration laws need to be changed to do away with ‘anchor babies’ and the prevention of chain migration which …
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Liberals are Unhinged

  Liberals are Unhinged ever since Donald Trump won the election. Liberals are yelling more than usual, they are using their only weapon which is voice.  No actions for the citizens of America, nothing to solve any problems but only ‘LOUD’ yelling and breaking of things.  They act like a bund of spoiled 2 year …
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