Illegals are not citizens

When Can Noncitizens Be Removed Without Seeing an Immigration Judge? Procedures called reinstatement of removal, expedited removal, and administrative removal all allow the government to deport or remove a person without a hearing in immigration court. Although legal discussions regarding the removal (or deportation) of noncitizens from the U.S. tend to revolve around immigration court …
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Democrats gone wild

After Massive Cost Increase Obamacare Architect Says the Healthcare System is ‘Working as Designed’ “MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber infamously told an audience at the University of Pennsylvania in November 2014 that Democrats required “the stupidity of the American voter” for Obamacare to become law,” writes The Washington Times. ———– ———— Clinton Falsely Claims Only Republican …
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Trump is Right: Immigration is Destroying America!

By Dr. Don Boys Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning, Illegal aliens are at this moment destroying America as they have already destroyed many European cities. Yes, I know non-thinking leftists want to call them “undocumented immigrants” but calling an illegal alien an “undocumented immigrant” is like calling a drug dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist.” Trump …
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