President Trump Proponents

President Trump Proponents are there, though his opposition is louder by far.


Netanyahu: I like how Trump cuts through the BS

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heaped praise on President Donald Trump and gave unique insight into the “very unique, very personal” relationship the Israeli leader has with the President of the United States.

In his only television interview taped during his recent visit to Washington DC, Netanyahu told syndicated radio host Mark Levin on his new Fox News program “Life, Liberty and Levin” that he and Trump enjoy “a certain chemistry.”


Watch the entire interview above, from Fox News’ “Life, Liberty and Levin.”

THE WALL: Trump Gets Huge Legal Win From an Unlikely Judge

The media really had a field day with this one. President Trump was facing lawsuits from a bunch of do-gooder environmental activists who were joining forces with California to try and block the border wall from going up. The idea was that the administration was ignoring a whole slew of laws by waiving environmental reviews prior to construction; many liberals have claimed that the border wall would disrupt bird migration and other foolishness that just happens to coincide with their opposition to enforcing immigration law.

But that’s not what got the media’s attention. No, they were hoping to see the judge come down hard on the White House. Why? Because the presiding judge was none other than Gonzalo Curiel, the man who also sat for the Trump University fraud case during the campaign. As you may remember, then-candidate Trump said he couldn’t be fair in the case because of his Mexican heritage, inspiring everyone and their brother – including Paul Ryan – to denounce Trump once again as a racist. Even though what he said had some undeniable truth to it.

On the subject, it’s funny how Democrats always treat Hispanics and other ethnic groups like an ideological monolith when it comes to voting and getting “free from oppression,” but if anyone else makes the same point, they’re suddenly a Klan member. It’s interesting, is all.

Anyway, this story is significant because Curiel came down with his decision on Tuesday and guess what? Mexicans apparently CAN think for themselves!

Sarah Sanders SHUTS DOWN Idiot Reporter For Trying To Bash Trump Over Rocket Man

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