About Politics, News, Whatever!

This About Page is about why and what I have this site.  My Name is Joan, but on this site, I am ‘Admin‘.  

Admin hopes you enjoy your stay.

This is a ‘reinvention’ of a previous site about politics. I changed my hosting provider while I personally moved and in the process lost my original database, my inexperience shines through here. 

As politics can change daily, ‘Politics Recycled’  is in the process of creation, every day just like our politics, our science discoveries, our very lives, so does this site, while it evolves enjoy and maybe even learn something you did not know.

I am not a programmer or related to news reporting so this is an experiment in my learning to create a website, and keep up with the fast changing political world.

Comments will be turned on publicly, but monitored.  If you don’t like the sites viewpoint, either be polite or leave.  Unless I earn something this is not a business and do not want to moderate people trying to push sales or agendas. 

My interests also include various science topics and even some of those conspiracy topics, so articles relating I find of interest, whether in part or just for the inflammatory appeal will find a place if there is a political connection.

There may be times I produce expository punditry as an exercise or just because I am in actuality the editor.

I hope you enjoy and pass it on! If you buy anything on Amazon, I would appreciate it if you entered through one of my links.

Thanks for the read!  – Admin

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