Syrian Priest: The West Abandoned Christians for Oil

200000220000000000000000000000000000000The Patriarch of Antioch accused Western countries of hypocrisy in their fight against Islamist extremism by caring about oil more than Christian  refugees. NEWS ANALYSIS An oil truck. (Photo: © Creative Commons/Brett Jordan) A senior Syrian priest accused Western countries of abandoning their principles and allowing Islamist extremists to massacre Christians in the Middle East …
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New Poll SILENCES Anti-Trump Media… The Tables Just Turned

200000220000000000000000000000000000000The latest poll from Reuters/Ipsos finds that Hillary’s lead has dropped to within the margin of error over Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. Remember the relief of the liberal media when the Khan-troversy and post-Democratic National Convention bounce had put Hillary Clinton significantly ahead of Donald Trump for the first time in quite a while, …
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