Headlines ICYMI

Some Headlines you may have missed or skipped over the first time.   So much news, so many headlines you can’t read it all, so here are some headlines you may have missed.  Both current United States and International headlines are below.   Measure your knowledge of the U.S. Constitution with this short quiz      …
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President Trump Proponents

President Trump Proponents are there, though his opposition is louder by far.   Netanyahu: I like how Trump cuts through the BS   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ANALYSIS/OPINION: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heaped praise on President Donald Trump and gave unique insight into the “very unique, very personal” relationship the Israeli leader has with the President …
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Lookback Tuesday

  Lookback Tuesday News from the past that is still of interest or brings insight.   Some news is very old but other Lookback Tuesday News was more recently news.  Nonetheless it is good to be reminded of what was said at that time and reflect.   . EXCLUSIVE: In March, Comey and McCabe Blocked the Arrest …
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