North Korea Selling Bombs for Cash

North Korea Export Bombs for Cash, weaponry to rogue governments, terror groups. 

Bombs for cash, North Korea needs money, has bombs.  The cash game with North Korea is similar to Clinton Cash schemes.  Anti-America.  



Exporting WMD to rogue governments, terror groups

Kim Jong Un  The world has been increasingly concerned in recent months about North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests, which indicate dictator Kim Jong Un could be capable of attacking just about anywhere in the world within months, says a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The communist regime this week launched a missile that could have traveled the entire breadth of the United States to Washington, D.C.

It’s no small threat, but it’s not the only one posed by North Korea’s missiles.

The other is its export of weaponry to other rogue nations, as well as terror groups.

The threat was highlighted by a Gatestone Institute report on North Korea’s export of chemical weapons to Syria.

The report explained the recently detected shipments of chemical weapons also had been accompanied by shipments of conventional weapons.

It’s not entirely new, the report said.

“In 1995, a CIA report confirmed that Syria’s Scud B and Scud C missile systems had been acquired from North Korea. By 1997, a State Department report confirmed that North Korea was providing Syria with crucial equipment for its missile development program. Der Spiegel reported in 2015 that Syria was again trying to build nuclear bombs,” the report said.

North Korea’s interest?






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