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The News This week has had a surprising end with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un asking to have talks with President Trump. 

There is no way this News could have been foretold.  With the volley of words between them it is a surprise to the world.  The News has many wondering if it will come to pass and be fruitful. 

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Trump says North Korea ‘called up,’ seeking talks with the United States

Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un

President Donald Trump said Saturday that North Korea has recently sought talks with the United States and that he “won’t rule out direct talks with Kim Jong Un,” the North Korean leader.

“Now we’re talking. They, by the way, called up a couple of days ago, they said ‘we would like to talk,'” Trump said. “And I said, ‘so would we, but you have to denuke.'”

That would mark the first such outreach from North Korea, which backed out of a potential meeting with Vice President Mike Pence at the Winter Olympics in South Korea last month. North Korea has vowed it will not give up its nuclear weapons, but the United States insists that any negotiations to lower tensions would have the goal of denuclearization.

It was not clear whether Trump was describing a direct conversation or messages sent through diplomatic channels. Trump has previously said he thinks he could have a good relationship with Kim, were they ever to try to resolve tensions directly. A U.S. official said earlier this year that Trump and Kim had never spoken.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs gun bill following Parkland massacre, in break with NRA allies

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Friday publicly broke with his longtime allies at the National Rifle Association to sign new gun regulations into law.

The move comes three weeks after a grisly school shooting that claimed the lives of 17 people.

Scott, a Republican who has received high praise from the NRA in the past, said he was signing the legislation because it’s a “time for all of us to come together, roll up our sleeves and get it done.”

The law raises the minimum purchasing age for buying a rifle from 18 to 21, invokes a three-day waiting period on purchases and enables school employees and many teachers to be armed.

It also allows law enforcement to temporarily seize guns from the mentally ill and fund measures like bulletproof glass and metal detectors at schools.

Report: Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion Led to Thousands of Deaths

According to a new report from The Foundation for Government Accountability, the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, embraced by many states in the years since the law’s passing, has led indirectly to vulnerable patients being confined to waiting lists…and eventually succumbing to their untreated illnesses.

The think tank confirmed the worst predictions about how Obamacare would affect those already dependent on Medicaid; by expanding the free healthcare to able-bodied adults in what can only be termed state-sponsored welfare, the program was no longer able to sufficiently care for the severely-handicapped and ill individuals who really needed the service.

The report said that as states expanded Medicaid, more than 650,000 existing patients were left to linger on waiting lists for home and community-based services meant for people with serious conditions like spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain damage. Worse, the report found that nearly 22,000 people in 13 expansion states died before receiving the specialized services they needed to survive. All of this was happening, of course, as healthy, able-bodied adults were getting into the program and sucking it dry of badly-needed resources.

Dow jumps 441 points, Nasdaq hits record as February job growth blows past estimates

$$    Stocks posted sharp gains Friday, with the tech-heavy Nasdaq hitting a record high, as investors reacted to stronger February job growth than expected.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied 440.52 points, or 1.77%, to 25,335.74. The S&P 500 rose 47.60 points, or 1.74%, to 2,786.57. The Nasdaq Composite jumped 132.86 points, or 1.79%, to 7,560.81.

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DOJ to release Obama-era ‘Fast and Furious’ records

DOJ to release Obama-era ‘Fast and Furious’ records

After six years of obstruction from the Obama administration and holdovers within the Justice Department, Americans may finally learn the truth about a scandal that’s been tied to the deaths of over 200 people.

Members of the Obama administration who were involved in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm’s ill-fated Operation Fast and Furious should be sweating bullets. The DOJ announced a “conditional settlement agreement” which will force the previous administration to hand over documents to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Document dump

The ill-advised covert mission, sponsored by Obama’s DOJ and implemented by the ATF, allowed Arizona gun store owners to sell rifles and pistols to Mexican gang members that the federal government intended to track. The botched operation was exposed after Mexican cartel members used weapons obtained from the operation to kill U.S. Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry. 

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This may be all well and good, but he was not mandated for that purpose, why do we have to pay him for this?

Report: Mueller’s next targets are the Russian agents who hacked DNC emails

Report: Mueller’s next targets are the Russian agents who hacked DNC emails

While Russian cyber spies began a “spear phishing” campaign in 2015 designed to gain access to potentially compromising information on American lawmakers, Special Counsel Robert Mueller began a fishing expedition of his own two years later. The former FBI director has spent that last year trolling for evidence to prove that the Donald Trump campaign was working in collusion with the Russian government to discredit the political opposition, but his investigation has so far come up short.

Now, in an attempt to justify the very existence of the special counsel and its growing budget, Mueller has shifted focus and is now solely targeting Russian criminal suspects. After issuing indictments against 13 Russian individuals and 3 Russian entities accused of facilitating a social media campaign designed to undermine the U.S. democratic process, the special counsel is now reportedly building a case against the Russian agents responsible for hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and John Podesta in the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

PRESIDENT TRUMP PARDONS Navy Sailor He Said was “Ruined” for Doing “Nothing” Compared to Hillary Clinton

Mar 9, 2018

President Trump just pardoned a Navy sailor he said had been ruined for doing nothing. While on the campaign trail, Trump would make the claim that Kristian Saucier got a bad deal while Hillary Clinton got no punishment. In January of this year, President Trump made a great point about Clinton vs the treatment of Kristian Saucier:
Kristian Saucier had been sentenced to a year in prison for  taking pictures inside a nuclear submarine.Saucier serve the full year and was  released in September. He returned to the Vermont home he shared with his wife Sadie and their two-year-old daughter.

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