Marxist Vs American Constitution: The Fight Continues

The war in the news is Kavanaugh,

but it is really Marxist Vs American Constitution.

.The Left/Liberals/Democrats are not for America as we have known it, capitalist, freedoms of speech, to bear arms (for protection) and all the Bill of Rights.  And so the Marxist Vs American Constitution is playing out by denying Kavanaugh the presumption of innocence as set forth by our founding fathers. 

Democrats accuse you of being everything they believe in and try to make you think that they are righteous, and generous.  As some historians say, the Democrats have not gotten over the Republicans taking their slaves away. 

Ford is NOT entitled to use the Title 'Dr' in any way, not license, not doctoral anything, but she is knowledgeable of self hypnosis, so was her performance the result?     

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Breaking: Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Completely Exonerates Judge Kavanaugh In New Report!


The New York Times Preparing Hit Piece On Brett Kavanaugh For Party Planning

Multiple sources tell The Federalist that the New York Times is prepping yet another attack piece on Brett Kavanaugh for his party planning efforts in the 1980s.

Dems vote 'no' - good chance two more seats turn Red.

Manchin, Heitkamp Have A Lot To Lose By Opposing Kavanaugh, Poll Shows

Democrats' WORST Fears on Their Vicious 'Stop Kavanaugh' Campaign Have Just Been Realized!

If Kavanaugh Survives, Conservatives Owe Lindsey Graham a Debt of Gratitude


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