Las Vegas Official Story may be a Cover-Up

What really happened in Las Vegas Official Story is different each day. 

The shooting in Las Vegas Official Story seem to be in a never ending contradiction.  Was the sheriff covering up for the hotel's benefit?  Or was there another reason there seems to be so much controversy? 

Why did ISIS keep claiming it as there doing and the Media aka Fake News - kept denouncing them?  A lie is not good for business or one's career.  Insurance coverage, hotel reputation, safety in both hotel and Vegas are all possible culprits for this apparent cover-up perpetrated as the Las Vegas Official Story. 

Las Vegas sheriff running scared as narrative crumbles

Watch: VEGAS COVERUP COLLAPSING — Sheriff May Be In Danger

(Infowars) – Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo has given several press conferences since the Mandalay Bay massacre to share what investigators have uncovered as the investigation progresses.

But as inconsistencies in the Las Vegas massacre narrative have begun to surface, such as reports of multiple shooters, contradictions of the official timeline, and the disappearance of hero security guard Jesus Campos, Lombardo’s demeanor has been gradually becoming more erratic, emotional, and less composed.

Alex Jones breaks down why deep state forces could be threatening Lombardo’s life if he doesn’t go along with the “official” narrative.

=>.Free Speech and Unfree News: The Paradox of Press Freedom in America

After Las Vegas Shooting, Fake News Regains Its Megaphone

When they woke up and glanced at their phones on Monday morning, Americans may have been shocked to learn that the man behind the mass shooting in Las Vegas late on Sunday was an anti-Trump liberal who liked Rachel Maddow and, that the F.B.I. had already linked him to the Islamic State, and that mainstream news organizations were suppressing that he had recently converted to Islam.

They were shocking, gruesome revelations. They were also entirely false — and widely spread by Google and Facebook.

In Google’s case, trolls from 4Chan, a notoriously toxic online message board with a vocal far-right contingent, had spent the night scheming about how to pin the shooting on liberals. One of their discussion threads, in which they wrongly identified the gunman, was picked up by Google’s “top stories” module, and spent hours at the top of the site’s search results for that man’s name.

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