INCYMI – Non-Political News You may have Missed

    Easy to miss Non-Political News New you may have missed.

Things are happening in the cryptocurrency world and 3D Printing is making SciFi a reality.

Cryptocurrency is slowly entering the mainstream arenas..

JP Morgan Chase Patents an ICO-Like System for Tokenized Stock Trading

If you are old enough or watch the old scifi movies, this was a 'futuristic' thing...

Sex robot human CLONES: Chinese firm using 3D printers to scan and make replicas of PEOPLE

AN INNOVATIVE Chinese sex robot company is scanning full people to create 3D printed cyborgs replicas “developed from a real human”.


MH370: BOMBSHELL report into disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight REVEALED

MH370 FOUND? New search LAUNCHED using precise wreckage coordinates in HUGE breakthrough   A NEW report into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will finally be released this month – and it will reveal everything.

A site I just discovered is all about history of different ages..

The Vestal Virgins: Rome’s Most Independent Women

Now here's a thought.. 

What If All Advertisement Disappears?


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