Big Government

Warrantless Surveillance – You Need to Know

Section 702 gives US Government the authority to to spy on the internet and telephone communications with Warrantless Surveillance.  Warrantless Surveillance means they can spy on you and foreigners without abiding by the Fourth Amendment or giving the courts a justifiable reason. One might associate this with Banana Republics or Fascist Regimes.  Q & A: US …
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Trump News

All about Trump, Trump News is only President Trump News.  Rural help, internet expansion and all about farmers is most of Trump News.   The Left is trying new ways to impeach Trump, so you know is being successful in his agenda, ANTI-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Pro-America.   Trump eyes regulation cuts, expansion of high-speed internet to help rural communities, …
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Government Surveillance allowed as “backdoor searches,” was not renewed

No FISA warrants allowed for Government Surveillance right now.   What’s To Come As Government Surveillance Sunsets With 2017?   Frank Miniter , DEC 27, 2017 As December raced by with Republicans in Congress doing all they could to keep momentum behind their tax-reform bill, which passed with all the pageantry and histrionics such legislation can muster, they …
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