Email Lies and Woes: Hillary Clinton had 22 “beyond classified” emails, Oh My!

Media Ignores Man Who Revealed "beyond classified" Emails on Hillary’s Server 

(News Busters) During the past week, most people who follow center-right news outlets and blogs became familiar with the name of Charles McCullough III.

McCullough, the former Intel Community General Inspector who identified 22 "beyond classified" emails present on Hillary Clinton's home-brew server years after she had left her position as Obama administration Secretary of State, has appeared on several Fox shows revealing that he was harassed and threatened for reporting that finding to his superiors, and that he was promised that he would be fired once Mrs. Clinton won the 2016 general election (oops).

Very few establishment press outlets have done anything with the story in the past six days, and the rare exceptions have used McCullough's revelations as a platform to take shots at President Donald Trump.

McCullough, an Obama appointee, was discussed or appeared three different times this week on Tucker Carlson's show:

  • On Monday, in a taped interview with the network's Catherine Herridge. McCullough emphasized that had the information in these 22 emails been released, "there would have been harm to national security," including putting lives at risk and "sources and methods." After revealing what he had found to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, McCullough says "his team was marginalized." After he sent a letter to Congress in January 2016 telling them what had happened, he "all of a sudden ... became a shill of the right." McCullough "absolutely" believes that the Clinton campaign and President Obama himself, who speciously claimed that "There's 'classified' and then there's 'classified,'" deliberately misled the public about these emails. He was promised he would be fired after Election Day for doing his job. McCullough observed that if had done what Mrs. Clinton did, "I'd be in Leavenworth."
  • On Tuesday, in an interview with Carlson which focused, in Carlson's words, "on who threatened him and why," McCullough said that seven Democrats, including California Senator Dianne Feinstein, sent him a letter in March 2016 that accused his General Inspector group of politicizing the situation. McCullough says that Feinstein spoke with him and played the "was it marked classified" game with him, even though "what matters is the information (on the documents), not the marking." (Feinstein now says she "doesn't remember" the conversation.) He also emphasized that the Clinton campaign, which was in on conversations about these matters from the beginning, "shouldn't have" been involved at all. Instead, there was possibly illegal and certainly unethical coordination between the State Department, the Clinton campaign, "certain law firms in town, and people on Capitol Hill." There was also criticism that McCullough wasn't taking "political considerations into account," which a person in his position is not allowed to do.
  • On Wednesday's show, the network's Brit Hume made obvious observations that "It sounds like this man was simply doing what it was his job to do, which is to bring this sort of information forward, and indeed to take it to Congress," and that his treatment at hands of the politicians and their apparatchiks was "howlingly improper," representing "political interference with matters that ought not be political."

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Lou Dobbs brought up McCullough on his Fox Business show on Tuesday, and showed a different portion of Herridge's interview where the former General Inspector said that "There was personal blowback to me, to my family" as a result of his attempts to pursue the matter.

Despite all of this, a search on McCullough's last name at the Associated Press' site at 4:30 Sunday afternoon, six days after his first appearance on Fox, returned nothing relevant. This was also the case with a search on his full name at the New York Times.

The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Deserve Our Respect or Our Trust

Behold another banner week for the heroes of our intrepid mainstream media, that motley collection of pompous and obnoxious incompetents, perverts and – at the risk of repeating myself – liberals. In just the last few days we’ve seen how a major media personality got his network to build him a creepy sex lair in his office and watched as a flat-out lie tanked the stock market – well, not really “tanked,” since the Trump Boom is still booming, though the media is loath to report that fact since prosperity wrecks the official Trumpocalypse narrative. And next week, if (when) the guy the liberal media tried to paint as Judge Jailbait beats the guy the liberal media tried to cover for by not reporting how he thinks abortions are cool up until a kid gets his learner’s permit, the liberal media will take yet another well-deserved failure lap.

The mainstream liberal media is primarily composed of stumblebum leftist jerks who want all the glory and respect due a caste of objective, moral truth-seekers, yet who don’t want to do the hard work of actually being objective or moral or seeking the truth. “I can’t pass, and I can’t tackle, and practice is really a hassle, but I’m wearing a sportsball jersey so I want your adulation and a Super Bowl ring!

Nah. They think we owe them respect and trust when all they’ve earned is our contempt.

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