Imagine: Natural Devastation that wipes out Democrat Party Areas

Democrat Party members do not take well to not getting their way



If you look at the electoral map you see where the smug, arrogant, elitist liberals live.  You may also notice that areas of natural disaster coincide.  What would our politics be like if natural devastation hit a majority of Democratic Party areas in a relatively short time span?

Watching the Lefties, Marxist Democrat Party, causing havoc, throwing sissy fits for not getting their presidential win, looking for scapegoats to blame it on, not even thinking the people may not be happy with their past 8 years, I wondered- What if…

Consider if you would, a world without smug, arrogant, elitist liberals.  There yelling, crying, causing chaos to get their way, but instead being the victims of nature?  Democrat Party members do not take well to not getting their way, immagine in a disaster.

What would happen to the USA political climate if California had the big one, Mt St Helen exploded, and all that ice melted  in the north Atlantic and severely engulfed the Northern East coast? Perhaps a blizzard like none in 200 years wreaked havoc on the northeast area,

Conceivably, the volcano discharge could cause such havoc to disrupt Washington State and Oregon as well, if associated with an earthquake and stirred up activity along the fault line it would conceivably extend south.  A major rumble along the San Andreas fault line is quite capable of having volcanic activity as well.

Would there emerge an emergency state of control or one of helping each other?  Depends on the color of your state I guess, Red vs Blue do tend to have different outlooks.  Red tend to me helpful for themselves and community, while Blue want the government to do it all.

How would all those snowflakes cope without Facebook to censor all those ‘other’ views?  Without someone to fetch for them? or just without their latte?  What about no electric?  That would certainly kill the technology toys, the services that electric powers.  Privileged lefties would undoubtedly have solar powering their homes to some degree, but what about city supplied water not working when the lines broke or the pumps stopped?  Oh my!

All of these devastations could be the result of terrorism.  Obama has gained no friends in the world, if anything he has alienated our long time friends of peace and aligned himself with those who wish to conquer us, apparently his desire.  However, he my not have the advance warning he might expect, and to then be caught up in this along with his family.  The arrogance will do him and his snotty wife no good on the bottom wanting help.

Donald Trump in the White House, during such a scenario may be better for the country as a whole.  His experience is in coordination to get a job done, not of causing riots and chaos.  I believe that President-elect Donald Trump would waste no time in getting done what he has to oversee and for the best benefit of the nation, not his self promotion.

Of course after the calm has returned I would expect some chest pounding, but it seems his way to also give others credit when credit is due.

If the United States of America, should fall victim to any of the ‘conspiracy theory’s’ of devastation, let us pray that it occurs after January 20, 2017.  I would have a better feeling towards martial law ending than with Obama anointing himself tyrant in charge under the UN.  





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