Couple Comparisons: President Trump vs. Obama

  As we prepare to welcome in 2018 and President Trump’s 2nd year as President, people are comparing President Trump vs. Obama.   

This is really not a fair comparison in part because Obama had the blessing of the press and Congress tried to compromise.  President Trump has no compromises from the Democrats, his own party has been less than helpful and it seems only the voters wanted him to win.  President Trump vs. Obama has had some very surprising revelations for our nation and how it is now perceived.  A Positive to President Trump as a leader.

It Took Barack Obama 3 Days to Do for Iranian Protesters What Donald Trump Did in Three Hours

Tensions are presently running high in Iran as anti-government protests — the largest in years — have broken out in cities across the country.

The protests began Thursday in the second most populous city, Mashhad, with people expressing dissatisfaction with Iran’s economic problems. The following day, the protests spread to half a dozen cities and evolved into broad anti-government demonstrations.

While protesters numbered in the hundreds in some places, there were thousands in others.

Many Iranian citizens have been arrested for their participation in “illegal” gatherings.

President Donald Trump weighed in on the situation Friday evening as reports of the protests in Iran poured into the U.S. via the media.

=>.Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency 

 Trump’s First Year vs. Obama’s Eight Years

Here are President Obama’s main accomplishments over eight years:

–Obamacare: This 2,000-plus page law with more than 10,000 pages of regulations and over 20 new taxes has not increased life expectancy but has taken away freedom of choice on what type of insurance everyone has to buy with greatly increased costs and deductibles.

–The Iran Deal: This took the country which is a top sponsor of terrorism and lifted its regime up with more power and money. It did not make the world or the U.S safer and stronger.

–The Paris Climate Accord: This transferred a massive amount of money and power from the U.S. private sector to its government and in turn transferred money from the U.S. to other countries. The policy is based on the belief that climate change/global warming exists and is the greatest threat to the world. So does Iran sponsor terrorists because of climate change? Does North Korea build nuclear weapons because of climate change? Does Russia take over more territory because of climate change? Do refugees from Syria and other countries escape because of climate change? CO2 is a clear, innocuous, non-polluting gas that allows plants to thrive and the billions of people to be fed. The reason Obama and other people want to regulate it is to have government control. But this accord certainly did not have its goal to make the U.S. stronger.

— Regulatory avalanche: Obama added tens of thousands of regulations and burdens to businesses and individuals as fast as he could. This certainly helped empower and enrich the D.C. suburbs but not the rest of us.

I honestly can’t think of any policies that Obama passed or implemented that had the effect to help the U.S. economy and the people as a whole. The result of Obama’s high tax, high spending, high regulations was the slowest economic recovery in eight years and $10 Trillion more in debt along with more people being dependent on government.

Here are just some of Trump’s accomplishments in his first year:

—-He has been reducing regulations as fast as he can to free up the private sector. He has opened pipelines and drilling. Where Obama was trying to bankrupt coal companies and harm fossil fuel companies, he is building them up.

—He scrapped the burdensome Paris Accord.

—-He dumped the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. I have not seen any country that has reduced their trade or refused to trade with the U.S as a result. Trump correctly believes that we should negotiate in smaller groups so they can be easier to monitor and fix.

—-He knocked the foundation out of Obamacare. While Trump has not been able to get rid of Obamacare, he has been whittling away. The tax bill gets rid of the individual mandate which may eventually kill it. Critics say getting rid of the mandate will increase costs and I would ask them to explain why costs went up so much with the individual mandate in effect.

—-The tax bill itself: Lowering rates for everyone and doubling the standard deduction means that around 90% will have a very simple return: This reduces the need for as many IRS auditors and bureaucrats along with reducing the need for as many tax preparers.

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Pence: The media gave us no ‘honeymoon’

170201-mike-pence-getty-1160.jpg Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday chided the news media for its aggressive coverage of the new administration’s first week, saying that “if there was a honeymoon, it was pretty short” because he doesn’t remember it.

“I have to tell you that in all of my life there was always a grace period, right?” Pence said, phoning into conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh’s program. “New president’s coming in. I think they call it a honeymoon, right, where the media, like the others, gives the new administration a chance to come in and start to do what they do. And boy, if there was a honeymoon, it was pretty short. I sure don’t remember that.”

Liberal Humiliation: Trump vs. Obama on Iran

Back in those pre-9/11 days when I identified as a liberal, the one thing I was sure drew all my then cohort together was opposition to fascism, whether secular or religious.

Boy, was I wrong and never was that more clear than in 2009 when the Green Movement demonstrators were marching through the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities, demanding freedom from the mullahs. The whole world was watching, as we used to say in the sixties, only their cause was purer than ours was then. The horrifying theocrats who ran the “Islamic Republic” regularly raped women in prison before they killed them, hanged homosexuals in the streets and tortured just about everyone else who didn’t comply with the edicts of their Islamofascist regime.

The students and others marching in the streets to overthrow these tyrants desperately wanted America’s help, specifically the support of our “oh-so-liberal-progressive” president. they shouted, “Obama, Obama, are you with us or are you with them?”

Obama was silent.

I can’t think of a moment I was more disgusted by the acts (inaction actually) of an American president. What did he stand for? What did we stand for?

Well, who knows? What we do know is he wanted to deal with Iran his way — whether to get the glory for himself or for other even less attractive reasons we will never know. He was secretly communicating with Ahmadinejad and Khamenei even before he took office, hinting at accommodation.

He wanted an Iran deal and he got it, the Iranian people and the U.S. Constitution be damned. (I have met several of the student demonstrators from that period who spent years being tortured in Tehran’s Evin Prison. Their faces resembled Picassos of the Cubist Period. They were the lucky ones. Their brothers and sisters just disappeared.)

Obama was silent for those students and millions of other decent Iranians. He wanted his deal so much that, as we know, he sent still more millions to the mullahs in cash, so they could use those dollars in any untraceable manner they wished — such as funding Hezbollah and the Houthis.

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