Second Special Counsel? Russia-probe and Clintons?

000000020000000000000000000000000000000 Russia-probe ties to the Clintons and Trey Gowdy thinks a second special counsel may be necessary.    Never ending saga with Russia-probe, deeper they go the more the Clintons and Obama re tied into it.  Sure is a turn of events in this ‘who done it’ witch hunt.    Very interesting…  Australian diplomat that supposedly prompted …
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The Russians, The Russians!

000000020000000000000000000000000000000  Democrats have been yelling Russians colluded in the 2016 election. Were they not telling was that this was another of their acts of  Psychological projection –  ACCUSE YOU OF WHAT THEY ARE GUILTY OF THEMSELF.  Yep, Russians did Collude, but with the Democrats! Roger Stone: Russian collusion? It’s a delusion Leaks and allegations show intelligence …
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