Chelsea Clinton is a chip off the parental block

Chelsea Clinton has insulted our collective intelligence with this nauseating letter.

It is surprising that the Democrats, especially Chelsea Clinton insult voters, who they may one day want to vote for them.  There have been rumors that Chelsea is considering entering politics like mom and dad, so she too can gain POWER and more financial wealth (like she is poor now).  

Do you really think those that voted for Trump will forget all these insults from the Democrats, Chelsea?   

Chelsea Clinton Praises Hillary, Slams Trump In Nauseating Letter To Children

More than a year later, liberals still just can’t get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, and now Chelsea Clinton has done her best to make sure that future generations of whiners won’t get over it, either.

In the December issue of Teen Vogue – which was, for some bizarre reason, guest edited by Hillary – Chelsea penned a letter to her children titled, “My Hopes For Your Futures Haven’t Changed.” In the letter, Chelsea waxes poetic about Hillary’s failed presidential campaign – and completely vilifies both Trump and the people who voted for him.

“For me, the 2016 Election was most of all about you and the world I wanted for you and your generation to grow up in,” Chelsea wrote to her children, Charlotte and Aiden. “While your grandmother’s name was on the ballot, for me, it was an election fundamentally about our country’s future, about your future.”

Sounds nice, right? Well, just wait until you see what Chelsea had to say to her children about Trump and his supporters.

New Poll Shows People Still Intensely Dislike Hillary Clinton

Hate is such a strong word. That’s why were labeling this an ‘intense dislike.’

A new Gallup poll is a stark reminder that the American people still intensely dislike two-time loser and corrupt crook Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s popularity, bad as it has been in the many months following the election, has now reached historically low levels.

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