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Trump Calls Democratic Memo `Political' After Blocking Release

President Donald Trump defended his decision not to release the Democratic rebuttal of a Republican memo that alleged bias and misconduct by the FBI and Justice Department early in their investigation of Russian election interference, saying on Twitter that the document was “very political.”

 “The Democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew, because of sources and methods (and more), would have to be heavily redacted, whereupon they would blame the White House for lack of transparency,” Trump said in a tweet. “Told them to re-do and send back in proper form!”

Read the full letter here.

Late Friday, White House counsel Donald McGahn said Trump was unable to release the memo because it contains “numerous properly classified and sensitive passages. In a letter to Republican Representative Devin Nunes of California, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, McGahn said the Justice Department concluded that portions of the memo were highly sensitive.

 Trump would consider releasing the document if changes were made “to mitigate the risks” determined by the Department of National Intelligence and Justice Department of releasing those sensitive parts, McGahn wrote.

‘Double Standard’

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, blasted Trump’s decision.

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One Question the FBI and the DOJ MUST Answer Immediately

Posted On 04 Feb 2018

Just for fun, let’s play devil’s advocate for the day.

Put your brain into neutral and just pretend you’re an average liberal idiot who takes everything the mainstream media says as the gospel truth. If you do that, you’ll naturally be taking the posture that after all the hype, after all the hashtags, and after all the red-faced Sean Hannity monologues, the House Intelligence Committee’s fabled memo turned out to be a big, fat goose egg. A big turkey that did nothing whatsoever to take the heat off Donald Trump. An abject embarrassment for Devin Nunes, Trump, and the entire Republican Party. An exercise in pure politics that should bring a tear of shame to the eye of every conservative voter in the country.

Got it? The memo means nothing. It revealed nothing of interest. It did not exonerate Trump. It did not implicate the Justice Department or the FBI in wrongdoing. It did not clear the good name of Carter Page. It may as well have never existed, much less have been released to the public.

Okay, now that we’re all on the same page, we’re left with one, lingering question: Why, if all of that is true, did the FBI and the Justice Department fight so hard to keep it from being released?

You don’t exactly have to be a brain surgeon to answer that question. They fought it because it IS important, it IS revelatory, and it IS the beginning of the end for the witch hunt known as the Russia investigation.

The media can cover for the Obama administration, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Hilary Clinton, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, and everyone else as much as they wish, but the sad truth of the matter is that at the end of the day, their goose is cooked. The American people have seen the memo; they don’t have to watch Rachel Maddow to get the news. They can look at it for themselves and draw their own conclusions. Yes, it was written from a Republican point of view, we’re not denying that. But that doesn’t make the facts any less alarming.

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NIH scientists adapt new brain disease test for Parkinson’s, dementia with Lewy bodies

National Institutes of Health scientists developing a rapid, practical test for the early diagnosis of prion diseases have modified the assay to offer the possibility of improving early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies. The group, led by NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), tested 60 cerebral spinal fluid samples, including 12 from people with Parkinson’s disease, 17 from people with dementia with Lewy bodies, and 31 controls, including 16 of whom had Alzheimer’s disease. The test correctly excluded all the 31 controls and diagnosed both Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies with 93 percent accuracy.

Importantly, test results were available within two days, compared to related assays that require up to 13 days. The group conducted the tests using Real-Time Quaking-Induced Conversion (RT-QuIC), an assay developed and refined over the past decade at NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories. Scientists from the University of California San Diego, University of Verona in Italy, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, and the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, collaborated on the project.  The research findings were published in Acta Neuropathologica Communications.

Multiple neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies, involve the abnormal clumping of a protein called alpha-synuclein into brain deposits called Lewy bodies. The pathological processes in these diseases resembles prion diseases in mammal brains. Like prion diseases, Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies result in progressive deterioration of brain functions and, ultimately, death. Parkinson’s disease is about 1,000 times more common than prion diseases, affecting up to 1 million people in the United States, with 60,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Lewy body dementia affects an estimated 1.4 million people in the United States, according to the Lewy Body Dementia Association.

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Triggered Democrat Wants to Ban the State of the Union Address

Posted On 07 Feb 2018

Wow, we’ve seen butthurt Democrats before, but this is really extraordinary. Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) was apparently so triggered by Donald Trump’s magnificent State of the Union speech…that he wants to ban the event altogether. In a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, the Washington Democrat said that presidents spent too much time at the lectern delivering promises they could not possibly keep.

“The State of the Union address promised more money than I can possibly imagine,” Smith said in his opening statement on the Pentagon’s budget. “And as a side note, I think we ought to ban the State of the Union address, and I say that for Democrats and Republicans alike.”

Right, but we can’t help but notice that you didn’t bring this up when your guy was in the White House.

Russia Busts Crypto Miners at Secret Nuclear Weapons Lab

Russia’s still debating laws on cryptocurrencies, but engineers at a top-secret nuclear lab were already busy mining them, authorities said.

The Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Physics, where the first Soviet nuclear weapon was produced in 1949, Friday reported “an attempt at unauthorized use of the institutes’s equipment for personal needs, including so called mining.” The press release didn’t specify when the incident happened or how many people were involved.

Based in Sarov, a closed city about 400 kilometers from Moscow, the institute has some of Russia’s most powerful super-computers in a special network isolated from the internet for security reasons.  

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Harvard: No More Single-Gender Clubs (Except for Women)

Harvard University, desperate to be on the frontlines of the latest trends in social justice, decided last year that it would no longer allow sororities, fraternities, or any other sponsored student organizations to exclude the other gender(s). No more male-only frats, no more female-only sororities, no more girls’ clubs, etc. It was a new day in a new world, and they were just going to put all genders together. After all, where are the clubs for trans-fluid-gender-queer-fish-people? You have to take everyone into consideration, guyz!

The esteemed university finally implemented the ban last week…with one small change. In response to a significant outpouring of opposition from feminists, only male-centered clubs will be banned from campus. So single-gender organizations are no longer allowed at Harvard, with a small exception for one half of the gender spectrum. This is social justice, 2018-style.

Feminists were initially all for the ban and were thrilled to realize that the MALE leaders of MALE organizations would be subject to academic and financial penalties if they did not begin including women in their little clubs. But they were not happy when Harvard tried to use the “good for the goose, good for the gander” approach. After all, this was supposed to be a way to punish the privileged, and no one can seriously argue that a female is EVER privileged, particularly not one who attends one of the most expensive, elite colleges in the Western Hemisphere.   

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