September 2017


DACA Amnesty would trigger Chain Migration under our current immigration rules. President Trump does not want a solution to DACA Amnesty that would permit chain migration, however, it is apparently not possible under our current laws.  Immigration laws need to be changed to do away with ‘anchor babies’ and the prevention of chain migration which …
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NFL – NBA – Sports and Respecting America

….. PRAGER: NFL Players Started This Controversy, Not Trump Because the left dominates the news media, the entertainment media, and academia, Americans are swimming—actually, drowning—in an ocean of lies. Here are a few examples: America is racist. America oppresses its minorities. America oppresses women. Universities have a culture of rape. There are more than two …
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Trump GOP Tax plan

  Trump Tax plan is out.   Some are for it of course all Democrats are against Trump Tax plan.  Democrats are against anything that is not socialist in nature, no matter what flavor if you will, communist, fascism (their favorite) or just tyrannical socialism.   Some responses in the news on this topic, which may still …
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