October 2016

Democrats gone wild

After Massive Cost Increase Obamacare Architect Says the Healthcare System is ‘Working as Designed’ “MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber infamously told an audience at the University of Pennsylvania in November 2014 that Democrats required “the stupidity of the American voter” for Obamacare to become law,” writes The Washington Times. ———– ———— Clinton Falsely Claims Only Republican …
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Wikileaks – FINAL DOT between Hillary, her campaign, Voter Fraud Scheme

BREAKING : ENTIRE CLINTON CAMPAIGN IMPLICATED IN DNC VIOLENCE AND VOTER FRAUD SCHEME Wikileaks has just connected the FINAL DOT between Hillary, her campaign and the ANIMALS who were BUSTED on hidden camera video, plotting violence, voter fraud, and taking foreign donations. Wikileaks has also caught Robby Mook LYING red handed. Watch videos below: Rigging …
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Hillary is all the chatter.. deceptive nature, lie, prison?, corruption… Nothing New.

Some  Articles: The Deceptive Nature of Hillary Clinton is Right in Line with Communism — ————- If Hillary Clinton Is Charged With Obstruction Of Justice She Could Go To Prison For 20 Years ———- Report: DOJ Tried Repeatedly To Kill FBI’s Clinton Foundation Investigation Read more: ———– Leaked email shows Monsanto Executive V.P. invited …
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